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GameLAB has prizes to give away just for having fun! Download the games, enter the competition and you can win daily prizes.

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Let’s recharge!

Sometimes you need to relax and joke around a bit in order to recharge yourself. Let's see how teams relaxed and recharged themselves in the 48 hour Game Jam.

Bonding parents and kid.

Video games can do good? No Way! Way! Happie Seeds was designed to just do that – to help parents interact with their children, which in turn helps with their ...Read More

The bitter the better!

Do bitter pills have blessed effects? How can we choose the right antibiotics? Hang out with the cutest little pigs in science to find out how, in the game Happy ...Read More

Let the Bubble battle begin!

Every kid loves colorful bubbles! Now battle off with your child. Who can blow the biggest bubble by tapping on the screen?  1 2 3 go! Download the game here.

Let’s have fun!

While the gaming market has some great games for adults and some great  games for kids, there are few exciting games designed for both adults and kids. The EDU/EVI team ...Read More

give our cute piggy a hand

Get friendly with our cute pigs in Happy Pills and help them manage their antibiotics just right. Win a PS4 and phone top-up cards. Download. Play. Win. Available on Google Play ...Read More

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